Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gone boating

It was a fabulous day today, bright and sunny. My husband and his best buddy of over 50 years had been working all morning getting our roof ready to put on a new metal one, it was very hot up there so they decided that it was too good an afternoon to waste working. They hitched on their boat and went down to the the lake and explored a bit. Yesterday was the same only a different lake but they fished, only catching two trout. I don't know how long this roof is going to take!!

I decided to walk Annie the dog down to the marina and I could see them about 4 miles across, I could just make out their voices across the flat water. The lake is huge it is 10 miles across in places and 110 long and has several small islands in it. Annie and I watched a beaver paddling around under the marine dock. He tries every year to dam the marina and then has to have his work undone, but he is never discouraged he keeps trying.

Annie and I walked back up. It is a steady climb from the lake to the top of the hill where we are. There are hundreds of swallows all busy finding a nesting place right now and they were swooping down on us as we walked up. Unfortunately we can't seem to lure them up to our place. Maybe we are just a little too high. We figure we are at about 2500 feet above sea level and about 750 ft above the lake and village, our spring comes later and winter earlier than the village folk, but that is the price we pay for privacy I guess.

The village will be having a plant sale this weekend so I will be buying some petunias among other things to brighten up the front and the few window boxes I have. They seem to do the best and last the longest. We are still getting below freezing at night sometimes which is hard on some plants.

The trees have tiny new bright green leaves but every day they are growing and it won't be long before everything is green again. We have waited a long time this year for winter to leave. It came on October 25th with a big storm and the last snow has just left.


jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace,
Over to see what's up. Nice post with lovely photo. That's quite the beautiful spot you live in.
It's still awfully cold down in Vancouver, but at least the snow is gone. I guess you don't get much spring, just winter, poof summer.
Great picture on the post down below too.
I'll answer your tag when I've finished my series of Alaska posts.

hexacontium said...

What a lovely photo. Is that taken around where you live?

Marcia said...

You have had a long winter, it is nice the green is climbing out now. What a beautiful view. It is wonderful that you have hills and lakes and beavers. Shame the swallows won't come up to visit. It feels so peaceful.

Karen & Mike said...

Altitude shouldn't be a problem for the swallows at your place; we're at 3800 ft and have some residing in our nest boxes...I think they like ready access to water though. We have a wetland at the back of our property, and the horse's water trough is available to them too.

Jeni said...

Seeing so many beautiful photos you post as do so many other bloggers I visit regularly makes for some really neat traveling in my trusty armchair here!
Also makes me wish I could afford to go forth and see things in person too but, I'll make do with the next best thing then and learn about other areas through the pictures folks share.