Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had to get my annual blood check done today. I had a new nurse who had obviously not practiced her needle skills. She tapped and poked and exclaimed how small my veins were, anyway she got it done but the big ouch comes this afternoon.

Why does the medical profession use the term 'mild discomfort'. They said that through three births and it was anything but mild discomfort. This afternoon I have to have a mammogram and the mild discomfort involves being clamped into a machine. Now some may not find this uncomfortable but to me it is extremely. It is like the other female test one has to undergo every year, the PAP, that is quite excrutiating as far as I am concerned and I dread it.

Maybe my pain tolerance level is very low, my Father had an extremely high one. In fact he once had a jeep roll over his foot and he was not aware that he had broken bones until it discoloured.

We are all so different aren't we?


latt├ęgirl said...

My dear, I have not yet had a mammogram and the thought scares the heck outta me. Pap tests are not too bad, although the speculum is NO FUN. I don't mind needles at all, but it's true that a skilled nurse will do a good job even with small veins. A bad one will botch it.

SusieJ said...

I can handle the mammogram, and I can handle the blood draw -- but I cannot handle the pap smear. It hurts when they scrape -- I swear they're taking half my tissues out with that speculum.

Lattegirl -- don't be afraid of the mammogram. Just go get it!!!
Heavens! What we girls have to go through.
And, I just heard, we have to have a colonoscopy after the age of 50. That's only 5 years away for me. Oh geesh.

Jeni said...

After having been poked and prodded a goodly bit a few years back and since then (chemo, blood work weeklys, other tests with dye inserted, etc., my veins tend to want to play "hide 'n seek" these days but even so, a truly skilled nurse or lab tech person should be able to draw blood quickly and relatively painlessly too. Now - a colonoscopy - the worst part of that test, and trust me when I say this, is the prep! No food and really heavy duty laxatives -not a pleasant combination at all, at all! (The worst part of the laxative is actually swallowing the junk you have to take! I now totally despise lemon-lime flavored drinks!)

Cherry said...

I heard in China, the nurse is even more harsh with needle. Shudder, I still have the goosebump when I am approached by needle. Lucky I am not in China.

Well I've no experience about mammogram and PAP. But I just can wish you the best.

terry said...

So many undignified procedures we go through to keep these old bodies healthy...

Claire said...

I did not like that description of your blood being taken, but i suppose it was worse for you.

Mammogram sounds horrible as well.

My mum must be like your dad, as she never complains over anything like that.