Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where I live

Where I live

  1. We live on the very edge of a small village of 350 people
  2. To the South there is about 50 km to the highway
  3. To the North there is nothing for hundreds of km except wilderness
  4. To the West it is 80km on logging road through wilderness to town
  5. To the East there is nothing but lakes and mountains
  6. Our home is situated beside a wild animal track
  7. We have a small fenced garden which we try to keep the bears from getting into
  8. We have many different animals come by us which we can view from the living room
  9. The outside is sided in white with dark blue paintwork
  10. The inside is done in golds and autumn colours
  11. We heat with wood which we get free from the surrounding forests
  12. We have all modern conveniences
  13. His toys are 3 boats, an ATV, and a truck, and I have kitchen gadgets and a computer

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Marcia said...

This is my dream life you are living. . . . but I know the wild animals would scare the heck out of me and the seclusion would get to me if I were alone. . . I scare easily, but the other part of me reads your blog and lives it vicariously. . .