Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back from wild rose country

I stayed a bit longer than I planned with my two sons in Calgary. I shopped until I dropped, got my mall fix for this year and bought some clothes and other stuff. I must have walked miles and despite eating more than I usually do and some junk I did not gain any weight, which is good, or the clothes may not have fitted and I was delighted to find I fit a really nice pair of jeans size 12.

I saw a lot of movies one of which was Ocean's 13, I don't think it was as good as Ocean's 11. I would have liked to see 'Amazing Grace' but it was no longer showing.

The weather was very hot and we had a tremendous storm one evening with torrential rain. Several roads in Calgary were flooded but it did not effect us at all. Lilacs were in bloom everywhere and the gardens were lovely and full of flowers. Alberta's provincial flower is the wild rose pictured here.

I have received a ton of e-mail and it is just too much to respond to everyone individually, so thank you for your comments and messages.

I have been weeding today and cutting grass as it has taken over in the last couple of weeks. The mosquitos are horrendous right now. Those that know about these things say it will be bad this year for bugs because of a relatively mild winter and lots of flood water hanging about in the fields which is giving places for them to breed. I have my gardening hat, I sewed mosquito netting all around the edge and put a pink silk flower on for decoration, which I wear faithfully when it is like this. Today when I was weed wacking the mosquitoes were landing on the front of it in droves so I had to spray it with repellant as well.

It is a bit overcast this afternoon and the bugs are bad so Annie the dog and I are staying in. A little bit of history about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Years ago there was a prison located up in northern BC, however it was not necessary for it to be guarded as it would have been in the city because the mosquitoes and black flies did that! It is said that if a man escaped he may last a day or two before he went mad or came back begging to be taken in.

I have just killed two of the blighters floating about the screen.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone.


latt├ęgirl said...

OH you wench, you wear a size 12?!

Glad to see you back, you skinny thing, you.

Cicero Sings said...

Nice to see you're back. Size 12 eh? I think my last jeans were a 12 too ... so much depends on the brand and the cut!

Those mosquito! We have a mosquito trap and it helps tremendously ... called Megacatch. We ordered it from the states.

Oh, breakfast is ready, gotta run....

Jeni said...

I think the last 12 I saw was my age! Can't remember when I wore a size 12 now!
Keep those blasted flies and mosquitos up north! Don't need 'em here at all. We've been busy fighting an influx of ants this spring. Get 'em cleared out of one area and boom, they're off in another corner! They just don't take hints very well to get the heck out of dodge I guess.