Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Driving and more driving

We all went to town today, hubby, me, our friend and our dog. It seems we now do everything together. It was really cold and raining, we even have started up our wood stove again it was that chilly. We had to drive to one town 60miles away to take back some wood for a deck the two men are building. It was delivered but it was really crappy stuff so they were a bit irate about it. I picked up some shopping and then we drove back past our turnoff another 30miles to get other wood at another building supply place in another town and then turned back again to our turnoff and finally home so that was about 210 miles, it sure puts the expenses up. I did convince them that we could stop for coffee.

Annie our dog will not be left behind, she will jump the fence and follow the truck, she has to go everywhere with my husband, so she really only stays in the yard to humour us. We have to get some rerods and build the fence higher and probably reinforce the base with chicken wire also. She hates rain, wind or thunder storms so she spend a lot of time inside the truck. She loves it in there, we sometimes have to go and pull her out at night because I think she would just stay. When the weather is bad she doesn't even take a bathroom break, she must have a camel's bladder. She adores snow and cold but come spring, even a cold one like this she endures until the first snow and then the puppy comes out in her.

Hubby has been a bit grumpy since I came back from Calgary, I asked him if he had taken on too much work, after all he is getting on a bit, but he assured me all was well, but I know it isn't. Even his best buddy has commented that he seems a bit uptight right now. Anyway he did tell me this evening that he still loves me and he wouldn't know what to do without me, or with me either, why do they always have to add that bit, and if I could just remember that and take the rough with the smooth right now. Not that he has been specifically grumpy with me and he has never been angry towards me, but he just seems a bit down and tense, so I expect he will get over it. He is bottling his homemade wine right now. He makes Borello, it is a really nice red wine which we enjoy with dinner every evening.

I am always uncomfortable when people don't seem to be happy or at peace around me, I feel that I have to do something about it. I remember when I was a kid in boarding school, someone stole some towels from matron's closet (not very inspired, I could have thought of a lot better things to pilfer.) I immediately felt guilty and probably went red and no doubt Sister Flo thought I was the guilty party when I had no idea about it at all.

There must be some deep psychological flaw in my nature that requires me to be responsible for all things. Now about global warming, it really isn't my fault but I must admit showering a tad too long once in a while and I think I may have left a light on last week but I am really working on it.


Karen & Mike said...

I'm like you...I don't like that sense of discord around me, and always feel responsible and like I need to fix things...even when it's nothing to do with me. Must be a British thing?

Jeni said...

Glad to hear you are doing your part towards the global warming problem. You know, it may sound small, trivial perhaps to some, but in the long run, if each of us did one conscious act that didn't require as much electricity or fuel or whatever, wonder how much of an impact that might have?