Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fishing again

Yesterday evening the two men went fishing for about four hours. They figured they caught about 20 rainbow trout, they threw back 10 and brought back 10 so I will be getting the smoker out over the weekend. Smoked trout is very tasty I prefer it to fresh.

We had internet problems here this morning, it seems part of BC and Alberta was out. Very frustrating as I had an important e-mail to go out. I have been having problems with my connection lately so I hope they have fixed that. I hope to go onto wireless in the fall but it is pretty expensive I think, about $53 a month with a setup fee of $200, but maybe that is standard I don't know. It will be nice to have the websites I go to load quicker. Some of them take so long that I have stopped going so frequently.

We still having torrential rain and it is going to stay that way right over the long weekend the weather people say so forget a garden, the strawberries will be rotten before they are ripe this year. The silver lining is that we are not a likely candidate for forest fires.


latt├ęgirl said...

If the setup fee is $200, that is actually incredibly cheap, considering where you live - way out in the boonies. Last year, when I was living with the roommate, we were in cottage country (20 drive from the town where I live now) and that was considered remote enough that Bell Canada wouldn't offer wireless or even high-speed. When we did find a company promoting wireless, they were charging a fortune - $1,000 for the setup.

Then I moved into town in April and Bell was doing setup for FREE. You can imagine that I jumped at the chance.

Cherry said...

Internet speed slows down during bad weather, that's common. We are paying $50 for even a decent connection here and that's for the big cities. Your country has better infrastructure when it comes to internet :)

Jeni said...

After having had many, many problems the past month and more with my ISP, I am edging closer and closer to taking the leap and hooking up with broadband through my TV cable company.
Strawberries, fresh from the patch vs forest fires - hmmm -heck of a trade off there (I LOVE strawberries) but somehow I think I'd probably say a tiny thank you for lessening the risk of the fires. Hope it dries out soon though for you. (I also hate rain or more so, when it decides to rain and rain and never seems to end!)