Friday, June 22, 2007

New photo almost exactly nine years since the last

I have been trying to take my own photo since I got my little camera and finally I have one that I can live with. The one that has been on my blog since I started was taken when I got married nine years ago, so it is time to update it or age it as the case may be.

I must remember to smile more it makes the wrinkles and double chin look a lot better!

I am having fun with my camera but I was disappointed last evening when a black bear walked through the yard and it wouldn't get close enough for me to take a photo, it hung back in the trees and I would have needed a telephoto lens and you don't get that for $8.45. Maybe I will really get into using the camera and have to get a much better one.

I am currently looking for a mobile phone. They don't work here in the village but I would like one when I am driving on the highway, in case I break down. They either have contracts that seem like a lot to pay monthly for only once in a while use if that, or pay as you go which have cards that expire, what a rip off, it is like cash money and it expires what sort of scam is that.

The sun is finally shining and it is quite nice outside however the weather guru says we will have more thunder showers this afternoon.


RUTH said...

You really do have a great smile. I think I'd be quite pleased the bear didn't get close enough to photograph! We've had a fair few storms here too in the UK.

Eastwood said...

This new photo looks so much better! :)

Jeni said...

That's a pretty doggone good picture, Vic~! What kind of camera is this again and where/how did you acquire it for a low price like $8.45?

latt├ęgirl said...

Nice picture, nice smile!

I have a camera for sale (HP Photosmart, 3.1 mp, 5x zoom, with all accessories) if you're interested. You're the second person to mention wanting a new/better camera and my son has used his HP just once or twice since I bought it for him. Let me know.......