Thursday, June 28, 2007

Animals I have seen in my yard

Animals I have seen in my yard
  1. Big male bear last week
  2. Mother bear with two cubs two days ago
  3. Porcupine with baby
  4. Foxes
  5. Coyotes
  6. Wolf
  7. Muskrat
  8. Stoat
  9. Shrew
  10. Squirrels
  11. White tail deer
  12. Moose with new born
  13. Wild cat


RUTH said...

What a collection...I've never seen any of these in my garden...not that I'm complaining!

latt├ęgirl said...

Lots of newborns! Very cool!

Jeni said...

WOW - with wildlife like that in so much abundance in and around your home, you could put in a "drive-thru" type set up and call your homestead a "wildlife arena" and charge admissions, etc. Pay for the roof, hi-speed internet -who knows what else - maybe easily that way.

Amazing Gracie said...

Gee, I saw a squirrel on my back porch the other day and thought I was in the "boonies!" If I saw a "big male bear" in my yard, I'd have a heart attack and not live to appreciate it!
Poor Annie! Doesn't that scare her?