Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yet another thunder and lightening storm

We have had a week of horrendous storms and with lots of rain, I think everything is completely water logged. It is banging and crashing overhead right now, Annie the dog is getting very upset, I can hear her trying to hide behind the toilet in the spare bathroom.

Before the storm my husband was putting up flashing on the solarium but the big drops of rain forced him to stop.
He only got half the job done so he will have to wait until we get another break in the rain. It is slowing down the outside work.


RUTH said...

You seem to be having similar weather to me. The last week there has been so much rain and thunder. Yesterday a storm raged overhead and every time I thought it had passed it went full circle and came back again. I feel so sory for animals like must be terrifying for them. Hope the weather holds so your husband can get his project finished.

Jeni said...

We had some rip-snorter t-storms over the past two weeks or so - one of 'em two weeks ago nipped my modem and made me internetless for 2 1/2 days! Boo hiss on that stuff. Hope you weathered this one ok and that you aren't sending these storms east either cause I don't want 'em!

Rhea said...

And I always want to live in a place where the summer storms are tremendous and full of electricity and noise. In Boston, the storms are pretty tame.

latt├ęgirl said...

I count myself lucky that I now live in an area where we get ripping good storms.