Friday, July 13, 2007

BC forest workers recover after grizzly attack

British Columbia, is certainly a wild place in many areas. Attacks from are not frequent but they do happen.

We know there is a resident grizzly around here, but I have never seen it. One person we know said, that while walking along the road he could see the bear tracking him, but he knew he shouldn't run and where he was going was still quite a ways away and there was nowhere to go, so he kept plodding steadily and made it home safely. The grizzly in this case was just curious.

We have seen grizzly tracks behind our truck when it was parked by the river, but I sincerely hope we never see one unless we are in our truck. I remember seeing a National Geographic documentary many years ago about a couple of men (twins), who were studying grizzlies, and I guess they got too close for the grizzly's comfort and it attacked them in their truck, turning it over, it was a very dangerous situation for a while, but those men kept on filming.

BC forest workers count blessings while recovering from grizzly attack


Gene Bach said...

Gotta watch out when walking with the bears. Got stalked by a mountain lion once. He got to within 50 feet of me before I saw him. He wasn't real fond of the high speed lead that I used to shush him away with.

Jeni said...

Boy, how lucky those two were that they escaped that bear at all! True heroism there in the way they worked in tandem to get the bear to back off enough and were able to survive the attack. Just incredible.