Friday, July 20, 2007

Cell phones shoud have rules of etiquette don't you think?

People in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia are trying to stop Telus from bringing cellphone service to their neck of the woods so they can market the area as a ring-tone-free zone.

BC community does not want cell phone option

I am looking forward to when Telus gets around to giving small communities in British Columbia access. Currently we have none here and I can think of several uses, other than social calls, I would probably use my regular phone anyway.

My husband goes out regularly in the summer to get wood. The areas he goes to are way out in the bush, on old logging roads where other drivers are rarely seen. I always get an exact location and an estimate of when he should return in case he should get into trouble, but with a cell phone I would feel there was some added security.

Also he likes to go off fishing in some lakes a few miles from our property. He has to pull his boat with the ATV as there are no roads. I am not particularly concerned when he goes, but he could call me and tell me the fishing is good and he wants to stay later, rather than returning because he said he would be back at a certain hour. Fishermen would certainly understand that!

The road between the village and the highway in 50km long, often one can drive it and never see anything but wildlife, especially at night. Should you break down it can be a long wait before someone comes by and at -30C in midwinter that is not a great thing to have to do.

People are abusing the cell phone convenience, at least I think so. I was recently in Calgary and while I browsed at a video store a call came to an oriental woman's cell phone. She spent the whole time I was there, about half an hour, talking quite loudly in her language, was that necessary, it was obviously not an emergency, couldn't she tell them she would call them back later. Or on the transit one is subjected to one sided conversations, I think it is rude to those about you, but what takes the cake is on the long Greyhound bus trip I recently took to Calgary (19 hours), people were getting calls in the middle of the night and calling out too.

Cell phone usage should have rules of etiquette don't you think? A great tool but in the wrong hands a blasted nuisance.


RUTH said...

I have my phone for emergencies and do text a lot but hate having to overhear other peoples conversations in public places. So much of what you hear really should be private! Have a good weekend.

Jeni said...

I'm with you Vic and Ruth about the cell phones and usage of them in public especially. I hate having to hear other people's conversations - especially if the people involved are having a bit of a spat too. But, cell phone etiquette, just like regular manners, seems to be something one can only dream about.