Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going to be a Grandma again

I had a call from my eldest son last night, I am going to be a Grandma again. Exciting for all involved, baby is due in March, maybe for my birthday.

My son in a cartoonist by trade. He has been drawing all his life so although I have done this before as some of you may remember, I am going to post his blogs again as he has new stuff on them. He is currently lecturing at Vancouver Film Studio, storyboarding and working from home. He is a busy fellow. whadiwannablogfor and Much the Miller's Son.

I have had a lot less funky day today, the sun has been shining although it has been incredibly windy but I have been a bit skittish about being out in the yard, and rightly so as it turns out. Mama Bear brought her two cubs right up to the edge of the deck today and posed nicely for me. So I rushed in to get my little camera and lo and behold my battery was dead. So no photos. I will have to put a good digital camera on my wish list, but since I know absolutely nothing about cameras or photography I will have to find out what I should buy. I really like black and white photos, I don't like snaps of people too much, but the artsy stuff, I have a yen to try that, but where to start?

More work heading my husband's way. A woman in the village wants a lot of work done so it looks like my hubby and his buddy will take it on. He says it keeps him young. Well I guess that means I can go and spend some of it, but I mustn't count my chickens before they are hatched.

My current wish list is

Broadband Internet
Digital Camera
New Car
Mobile phone
Soymilk Maker plus any other gadgets I can discover, I love gadgets.


Shelby said...

happy Wednesday!!

Cherry said...

Congratulations on having another grandchildren :)

RUTH said...

Congratulations and pleased that today has been a better one for you.

Jeni said...

How many grandchildren will that be now? Just curious as I don't recall your ever mentioning being a grandmother or if you have, how many there are. You do have to admit though, grandchildren are by far and away sooooo very much better than the first edition! Probably because the responsibility level has shifted there though and you don't have to shoulder all the load pretty much alone. That, plus I know in my case, I have mellowed a lot in 30 years. My son tells the step-granddaughter all the time that I am not "the same person who raised him." Yeah, and I can't run anymore either. LOL
If the hubby is going to be getting a few extra coins, snag 'em and spend 'em before any mold has a chance to lay claim on 'em! My advice and you can take that to the bank too!

Mousie said...

that's so great news...congratulations!!!
very happy for you all

eagerblogger said...

Congratulations. It has always been said that the best time to enjoy babies and kids are when you're a grandparent. :)