Monday, July 09, 2007

In a funk today

I think I must have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. It has been a blah day for me. Usually I am a fairly happy soul and keep myself relatively busy but not today. It started off by my deciding not to have a shower, mistake, I find a hot shower in the morning is a mood improver, energizer and motivator.

There is something bothering me right now, probably shows me in not too good a light but here goes. A couple of years ago some people from another country bought property not far from us. Knowing my husband is very handy and loves to help people they called on his services, and called, and called, and called. For some reason I resent this and I think he is starting to now as well. These people can afford to come from Europe every year and stay for a month, we are pensioners, I think they should offer him something for all the jobs he has done, and they are not minor jobs. They arrive again this month and he will drive for an hour and half to pick them up, but they never even offer to pay for the gas. I was going to pick them up but my husband said he would do it as I am too blunt and might say something to upset them. I don't like to have to make nice to people when I am upset with them, I would rather tell them what is on my mind. My husband who is obviously a lot more gracious than I am says that they are from a different culture and maybe they fear they may offend us.

I was bored today, something I almost never suffer from. Every thing was done, the weather couldn't make up its mind whether it was going to rain or shine and anyway the weeds are not bad and I didn't want to bump into Mama Bear so I didn't go far from the front door. I couldn't go on the internet because we were expecting a call which never came. I didn't feel like reading. So generally I feel the day was wasted.

My son called yesterday to say his wife is pregnant and baby expected in March. This is the daughter-in-law that doesn't like me and lets me know it. It is very difficult but I do try for the sake of my son.

I did make ice cream today. Rum Raisin and Maple Ginger, we had them with the plum crumble I made for dessert tonight. I took a long nap this afternoon on the couch and felt ghastly when I woke up. Well that is my tale of woes for today and when one considers what others are going through today it is very petty to even consider I have any.

What about the parents who have lost a son or daughter in war, or who have suffered a terrorist attack. What about people who are wondering where they will find a meal tomorrow, or a bed for the night, or if their child will live and on and on it goes.

Time to count my blessings, which are many.


Cicero Sings said...

Personally, I think you should have gone, picked up those people and given them a piece of your mind ... in a nice way. They deserve it.
I have a sister-in-law that expects the family to jump to her beck and call. I tell them (the rest of the family), you are not helping her ... you are catering to her co-dependencies. Let her grow up!... Become a responsible person! ... she is over 50 for pete sake! Sometimes tough love is required. Ahhh, but no one ever listens to me! I might as well be talking to the wind.

That ice cream sounded delish ... I suppose you couldn't send a dish our way? It'd be a little melted by the time it got here ... especially with the hot weather on the way!!! Sigh.

Shelby said...

I was in a funk too yesterday -- hope today is better for you.. happy Tuesday :)

RUTH said...

I do so appreciate how you must feel. We all like to be givers and don't ask for much in return...but a word of thanks costs nothing. Mick and I lost a lot of "friends and family" when he was ill and we were no longer useful to them! It is so unfair of people to take advantage of your good nature. And please don't feel bad about feeling so ghastly about "petty" things (not that I think yours ARE petty) after all we are human and can't help but feel let down and blue sometimes. Sending a {{HUG}}, a smile:o) and a rose @-> your way.

Danielle B. said...

Not sure if it's the weather...but today has been pretty funky for me also..hope we both feel better by tomorrow ;) BTW...I liked the links you put in your last post...I like to check out other blogs when I feel kinda 'lost and out of sorts'. I used Firefox for awhile but I just couldn't get the hang of it...however, I hear nothing but good things...perhaps that is the change I need ;)

Jeni said...

Your mood today sounds a trifle like the one I had in the latter part of last week - spent two days not really in a fog but I must have been cause I couldn't really tell you what I did and I definitely didn't feel like doing one bloody thing either!
Now as to the foreigners - I agree that perhaps you should have been the one to "meet and greet" them at this point and to lay things out on the line to them too. Yes, if you plan your attack a little in advance, it can be done with a good amount of tact too. I can't see you doing anything tactless though. And, as to your husband's theory - different culture, afraid they will offend - well honey, it's time you set them straight that this may be a different culture alright but they are being downright offensive to expect every thing plus the kitchen sink handed over to them scot free! The time for total nicey-nicey is long gone since they have obviously used and abused it way too long!

Danielle B. said...

I just made the switch to Firefox...I am determined this time to be patient and learn my way around...I just imported all my favorites from IE so that is more than I was able to do last time I tried to switch...thanks for providing the I am going to order a large pizza..I think that will get me partially out of this funk ;)