Thursday, July 19, 2007

Firefox extensions

Extensions I use

  1. Fleck - allows me to annotate web pages. Just downloaded have to see how useful it is.
  2. Colorzilla - I can use an eyedropper to grab the code of a colour on a site, very useful
  3. DapperFox - If I can't find the RSS feed it will find it for me. Used a few times already
  4. Google Utilities - I use Yahoo toolbar but this gives me button access to Google stuff
  5. Liveclick - I prefer this to a RSS Reader. Makes my bookmarks live, this is really useful
  6. Search Everywhere - It a linking search, have to experiment with this one
  7. Quick Note - great for grabbing little bits of information. Like a sticky note. Useful
  8. Stumbleupon Toolbar - share your likes and dislike on a web page and find new ones
  9. Yahoo Toolbar - all my mail comes through here. Better than G-mail I think
  10. Session Manager - since my dial up keeps crashing this is a great help.
  11. Scrapbook - save webpages and organize. It is good but not sure if I will use it that much
  12. Thumbstrips - I use this all the time to find where I was - better than history
  13. Split panel - Another I use all the time to drop and drag from one page to another


Danielle B. said...

I have a question. Where do these add-ons show up?? I have downloaded several but they do not show up on my browser. Can you help?

Jeni said...

Some time I'll have to make arrangements with you to give me instructions on how to use these darned things.

Holly @ iLab said...

Vic - I'm happy to see ThumbStrips made your list of 13! Thanks for giving it a try. If you have any feedback on the add-on, please let us know. Also, curious as to how you are liking fleck - is the annotation a good thing for you?