Thursday, July 05, 2007

Books I like

Some of the books I have on my shelf

  1. Chesapeake by Michener
  2. Hawaii by Michener
  3. The Source by Michener
  4. Alaska by Michener
  5. Princes of Ireland by Rutherford
  6. Russka by Rutherford
  7. London by Rutherford
  8. Rainmaker by Gresham
  9. The Partner by Gresham
  10. Almost a Crime by Vincenzi
  11. All creatures great and small by Herriot
  12. Pillars of the Earth by Follet
  13. Moby Dick by Melville


Daisy said...

I love the James Herriot books!

Jeni said...

I've read all the Michener books you mentioned - as well as most of "Mexico" which is one of the few books I've ever started and never yet finished. (Ranks up there with Anna Karenia, Count of Monte Cristo and Paradise! in the unfinished reading materials I have here!)
I did read Gresham's 'The Painted House" though - enjoyed it a lot. Right now, I'm reading yet another Jodi Picoult book - "Keeping Faith" and my daughter, Mandy, is reading Picoult's "Harvesting the HEart!" We're both really big Jodi Picoult fans!
Have a great day - reading or not!

jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace,
I haven't been over for a while and what do I see when I get here but a list of books! My favourite things.
Read 11 out of 13. Never have read Moby Dick.
I see you have a new photo avatar. I thought I was at the wrong blog for a minute, but no, all those lovely wild animals are still here.
Take care