Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We have visitors but I no-seeum

They are back in droves. We went to bed last night and luckily I noticed a small swarm of our unwelcome visitors on the wall above the bedside light. We sprayed the bedroom and this morning I swept them up.

No-see-ums, are very small flies (about 1/25-1/10) inch long whose small but bladelike mouthparts make a painful wound out of proportion to its tiny size. Welts and lesions from the bite may last for days. Most are attracted to lights and are found in mountainous areas, feeding in the evening and night hours and are small enough to pass through ordinary window screens.

So this means although we have screened windows they are next to useless for the next few weeks while the feeding frenzy is on by the females who need blood in order to lay their eggs.

This is when living in the bush loses its appeal. We don't go anywhere unless we are well lathered up with "Off" or something equivalent. Poor Annie came in last night with a clot of blood oozing off her nose where the bugs had been biting her, fortunately they don't seem to make her itch like they do us.

Their arrival can pretty well be predicted and the weather network advised they would show up July 8th, they were a day out. So almost all our summer visitors are here, mosquitos, black flies,horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, no-seeums, the wasps and hornets show up later.

On the human side we did have visitors from the lower mainland pop in today. They were covered in bites, they had been camping, brave souls. Hubby took them out on one of the lakes nearby and they caught 5 trout each, plus I sent them off with a pile of smoked fish.


Mousie said...

mosquitoes are horrible things...I remember when we used to spend our holidays in Scandinavia, sometimes we just couldn't go near some lakes...
sometimes we miss the cold!!!
love from Mousie

Jeni said...

We get the stupid little gnats -who doesn't I suppose - that like your "no-see-um's" just zip right through screens. Since I have a double window over the kitchen sink, with a light overhead there too, and those two windows are often open (sometimes all night), when I get up and go to the kitchen in the morning there is always a huge collection of little itty bitty black dots behind the faucet and the sink top. Annoying yes, very but I've never had a problem with them biting. They do however like to fly right into one's eyes, mouth and up your nose too which is a royal pain!

Danielle B. said...

I thought no-seeums were only native to Florida!!! How about that...glad we could share 'em. do y'all get the dreaded 'love bugs' up there also???

Two Write Hands said...

I just can't handle bugs. We've got beetles really bad this year, but thankfully no no-seeums.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Ick...we had them in Scotland..called them Midgies...ate everyone alive