Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Always so busy at this time of year

I have been so busy since last Thursday. I had to start a blog for my church, basically I am to be the centre for administration through the blog. A cyber-administrator. I had to collect all the information that has been floating around and put it in one place and then advise everyone etc. I had to give a demo on Sunday morning as many were not familiar with blogs. Everyone seems really pleased with it and I hope they now use it.

I have canned 35 jars of peaches, I have 20 lbs or plums I am doing between visits to the computer. I am smoking some salmon, and will be canning some of that probably tomorrow. The men are out catching more while I am writing this. You are allowed two fish per fisherman, so they usually go out about three days a week, they had a hard time catching any at first but now they are coming home with about 40lbs of sockeye each time. I am canning and smoking for my husband's friend also, and he sends some down to his kids in southern BC. My husband hopes to catch some to give to friends also.

We seem to be finally having some decent weather, plus the bugs are mostly gone so it is quite pleasant outside. Our solarium is at lock up stage. There is still lots to do to finish it but it is usable and it is delightful sitting in there in the evening when it is still warm from the afternoon sun. I think we will especially enjoy it in spring and fall, but even in winter we have lovely days at -10C with lots of sun, which will mean the temperature in the solarium will be quite warm. Below -10C I doubt we will use the solarium but it will be interesting to see how warm it does get. It is an experiment with solar heating. Already I find I can open the door to the solarium that is off the living room and the warmth in there brings up the temperature in our home. Of course in summer when it is very hot we will probably shade it. We think we will grow a grape or kiwi inside for shade. However if we have a summer like this year's we will not have to worry about it getting too hot.

Got to rush.


Jeni said...

Holy Rip! You HAVE been really busy! As if setting up and keeping up with a church blog site isn't work enough, canning those fruits and also salmon - you've got way more energy than I have, for sure!

Danielle B. Blogging for Balance said...

I am glad you posted this...I was beginning to wonder if you were okay ;)....smoked salmon...yum!!!