Sunday, August 12, 2007

Slyvisions is fast becoming a favourite site of mine

One of the sites that I have recently come to enjoy is Slyvisions. The blog covers a variety of topics but what drew me to it was his excellent posts that give online tips and tricks. I have been using computers longer than many people, since 1976, and started using the internet almost as soon as it was available. In fact I used to teach DOS, in the days when there was no GUI, but the exciting thing about computers is there is always something to learn and I have learned from Sly so why not check out Slyvisons yourself. Maybe you would like to review Slyvisions site as well and Sly will link back to your site and bring you lots of traffic.

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Danielle B. Blogging for Balance said...

Every day I come closer to realizing we are cut from the same cloth ;)...about two weeks ago I put Slyvision in my Google Reader. I can't remember how I found it....but I love it!!!