Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday blues

It did not turn out to be a successful day yesterday (Thursday). The guys took out the boat at 9am and stayed out until about 5pm and did not catch one single salmon. The salmon were jumping all over the lake but not on their hooks. Some consolation was that no one else was catching them either. So they will have to go out another day.

I stayed home and canned 17 jars of peaches. My back was killing me by the time I had finished, but the larder looks nice. I plan to make jam with the rest.

I decided to check my Visa card (the one I use if I purchase something on the internet) which is something that is as rare as hen's teeth. I don't know what even prompted me to check it but I was astounded to find a $3,811.40 amount put on it on August 10th by Air Canada in Winnipeg. Needless to say I got onto Visa right away. They said they would reverse the charge as it is plainly fraudalent, and they cancelled the card. They checked the names of the individuals who bought those tickets, so Michael Vigario and Curtis Aveo I hope they get you. They must have been travelling a long way to charge that much for two tickets.

We had a tremendous storm last evening, sheet lightening, the thunder hanging around for hours, it seemed to circle over our place and the wind bent the trees right over plus hard hard rain that sounded like hail on the solarium roof. Lights flickered all evening . I really enjoy a good storm and was outside watching it. I wonder if the salmon weren't biting because of the upcoming storm, just a thought, after all our dog knows of weather changes hours before they happen.


david mcmahon said...

Thank goodness you checked the card!

Jeni said...

My uncle, who was just a trout fisherman though, used to say the weather impacted very much in whether the fish were biting a lot. Don't know if he was using that as an excuse or if it is the truth though.
The peaches sound like a great thing for the coming months -love fresh canned stuff like that. Mom and my Grandma used to get bushels and bushels of peaches, pears, apples too and put them up -so we always had canned applesauce on hand and fruits were rarely missing then from our diets.
Darned good thing you decided to check your credit card when you did! Boy, what a shock that had to have been to your system though.