Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 things I have been doing on my computer today!

I have been reorganizing my way of doing things because I discovered I will not be getting broadband after all so have to stick with slow dial up.

1. I have changed my email to Gmail and have everything come to there. I used to use Yahoo, and I still will keep that address, just in case, but Yahoo would not automatically forward my mail.

2. I downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird which is the companion to Firefox. It now receives all my mail from everywhere and I can read when I am not online. Likewise instead of Google Reader which I really liked I can get all my RSS feeds into Thunderbird and then read them offline.

3.I used to write my posts on Blogger but now I plan to write them using Abiword, a free open source word processor that has a good spell checker and grammer checker, although I am not sure that is much good and I downloaded WordWeb which is also a dictionary and thesaurus so I won't have to go online to check a word. I received some proof reading tips from David a real time author at Authorblog which I hope will improve this failing I have of not seeing my mistakes until a day later.

4.I installed Keynote which is also Open Source, but they are not working on it right now but is a great program for organizing everything in your computer into one place. So I am going to try and use it for planning blogging.

5.I put a language translator on my page in the hopes that those outside the English speaking world might be interested.

6.I did some code like things with Feedburner to give me a revolving signature of previous blog posts for my emails and put the stuff you see on the bottom of the posts - Stumble it etc.

7. I went a got an encoded email "Contact Me" to avoid spammers getting my address.

8. I visited other blogging friends, and commented, and emailed some and did two posts of my own.

9. I closed my Yahoo blog down, although I had a lot of people visiting, very few ever commented. I invited them here, maybe they will become part of our blogging friendship group. That would be nice.

10. I went and got two Tylenol because I have been on the computer all day and my shoulders are killing me!

That's it folks


Sharon said...

You've come up with some great strategies for dealing with the challenges of dial-up! It's still the only viable option for many areas in the province ... BTW, I highly recommend those microwavable bean-bags; so soothing on the neck and shoulders after a day on the computer!

Jeni said...

Oh my dear friend, you are far, far from being done with your computer stuff. Now you have the really difficult task ahead of you - how to translate into really, really simple English how I can do those things on my computer and with my blog too! LOL
Hmmm - just wondering if the pain in my neck and shoulders is coming from being slumped over the computer day in, day out too! Nah -that would be too simple an explanation. I'm sticking with the cold and cough as my blame factor there.

latt├ęgirl said...

Wow. That's a lot of stuff. I wasn't surprised to read the very last item on your list!

jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace, I'm visiting after a spell. This is a great post. I see you have changed to gMail because you said you could forward your email. I had to open an gMail account and want to forward anything that comes there to my shaw account email but couldn't see how to do it. Do you know?
I guess it's getting cold up there! Brr. And we didn't have any summer to speak of.

Vic Grace said...



I don't think it will work. You can get gmail to receive shaw but not the other way round. It is the same with telus email. It won't receive but gmail will pick mail up from there.

I could be wrong of course.Thanks for popping in.

Vic Grace said...

Hi, latt├ęgirl the two Tylenol got rid of it though.

Jeni its the computer that is giving you neck ache so my chiropracter says. Take Sharon's advice and get a
heating pad.

Thanks Sharon a reminder because I keep forgetting to use it. It really feels great.

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Wow, have you been busy!!! I like the comment you placed under 'Leave Your Comment'...that clears up a lot doesn't it ;) Just so you know I clicked on your Contact Me button and it didn't do it me? I am also interested in that Keynote. I tried Rusty Budget but it is too confusing for me. I love Thunderbird by the way...thanks for the heads up on that. Oh, and I love the new intro next to your sounds so warm, open and friendly...just like you!!

Vic Grace said...

Thanks Danielle, I will have to look at the connect thingy again