Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bear invasion

I was sitting in front of my computer about half an hour ago when I heard a loud clanking sound. On investigation I find a large sow prowling around just by the deck, and then about 15ft behind her two good size cubs. She came around the front of the house and then into the car port where I keep my big stand up freezer. She somehow managed to open the freezer door and pulled out a frozen salmon. Then climbed over the fence with it, the cubs following to digest it in the comfort of my backyard. It was too dangerous for me to go out and shut the freezer door so I got some pots and pans and started clanking them, thinking it would scare her away. No way, she just stood on her hind legs and looked at me at the open window and you could see her thinking "Oh, it's just you making all that noise", and she carried on gnawing at my nicely FoodSaver bag packed salmon.

One of the cubs ran off with the bag with the half eaten salmon, but mother decided to go back for more and pulled another out. I am still banging like crazy, and yelling but nothing would move her. I had visions of our whole food supply going down their gullets like salmon ice cream.

It was way too dangerous to go out of the house, especially as she had the cubs. She and one of the cubs kept coming in and out of the back yard climbing the fence and exiting via one of the trees at the back, but the other cub didn't seem to get the idea that it was time to leave, so the mother kept coming back into the yard.

I was running out of options of how to shift them. I was looking out of the window and clicked the latch, somehow that got her attention and she didn't seem to like it. So I kept clicking and she was definitely agitated and started to move. She climbed up a tree and dropped over the fence with a cub following her. The other cub walked up and down the fence looking for a way out but finally decided it better try the tree, so with a bag of salmon in its mouth it climbed up and jumped down.

As soon as I could be sure I could get out, and back in again, before she came around to the freezer I flew out gathered up the food that she had pulled out and put it back and locked the freezer door. She had only gone for the salmon, so the other stuff was still alright in its bags.

Just as I was typing the word 'bags' I saw something at the front door. There she was again looking in the door window at me. Luckily I had the door locked, she dropped down and went back to the freezer and I could hear her yanking at the door. I couldn't see her but I could hear the freezer banging against the car port wall as she was pulling it. It tried yelling again but I think she just gave up on the door, unfortunately she will be back now she knows there is food in there.

I tried calling the police but they were not in the area, nor was the game warden. I phoned where my husband was working in the village thinking if he came up with the truck he could scare them off, but he couldn't be found. So here I am typing away surrounded by frustrated salmon hungry bears. I am going to have to keep all the doors locked in future.


david mcmahon said...

Wow, Vic,

You certainly kept your cool. That's the good thing about living in Oz - kangaroos don't eat salmon!

Love your work



RUTH said...'re one brave lady. I can't imagine how I'd react if I saw a bear on my premises. An amazing story :o)
Thanks for the award much appreciated.

Shelby said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! That scared me to death as I was reading it.

I do hope you get somebody out there soon to help deal with the bears.. yikes!!

Dottie said...

Whoa... can't imagine seeing a bear and her cubs in my yard! Don't know as I would want to either. Although I had an unwanted visitor recently that I didn't like. Not nearly as dangerous thanks goodness. I love your blog layout. First time visitor.

Dapoppins said...

that is just too incredible.

Great read!

latt├ęgirl said...

Amazing story, and I am so jealous. All I get 'round here is skunks, squirrels, and frogs.

Would LOVE to see real wildlife (through a door or windowpane, mind you)!

Lorna said...

This would make a wonderful children's story. Were you able to get any photos? Would love to see them . . an amazing adventure.

jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace,
I came to see what was happening in the Cariboo and found this post. What a terrifying experience for you. A bear with cubs too.
I have had many a scary experience with bears over my camping career, which thankfully has ended. You need a lock on that freezer for sure.
I suppose it's starting get cool up there now, it certainly is down here.