Saturday, September 29, 2007

Virgin snow and virgin car today

We drove into town today to pick up our new little car. The first dusting of snow was on the trees and it looked quite beautiful but it is awfully early for snow. You could see quite a bit on the higher ground. We are definitely not ready for snow.

Anyway it was all gone by the time I drove my new baby home. It was straight off the truck so it had hardly any kilometres on it. The dealer gave us the first fill up free. it took $40.00 of fuel to fill the tank, better that the $100 worth to fill the truck. Of course the size is different but I sincerely hope we get a lot better mileage.

I had all sorts of instructions from my husband to remember, especially not to drive too fast the first time, and remember the moose, it is not the same as sitting high in the truck, and all sorts of technical stuff about breaking in a new motor in. Most of which I forgot as soon as I sat down in the car.

Off I went and he was behind me in the truck all the way. When we got home he grins saying "I'm glad I don't have to drive behind your roller skate all the time, that took a long time to come home".

Men you can never please them, I was doing what I was told! Roller skate indeed!

I hope winter holds off a bit longer because I want to do some running around. I probably will do most of my major trips next summer, and we don't drive if the weather is bad, one of the pluses of being retired, we don't have to go anywhere if it doesn't suit us.


Jeni said...

MY vehicle - acquired since Favorite son decided to crash and burn my 2000 Ford Focus (which I loved I might add) is a 1996 Ford Windstar van and it takes me close to $50 to fill it completely if it is sitting about on empty. Now, keep in mind this puppy doesn't get near the mileage as your new baby most likely will give you, but I can generally get about 350-400 miles, give or take a smidgen, on a full tank with the van. It probably would have cost me about the $36-40 to fill up the tank on the focus too come to think of it and that would have given me about 350-400 miles as well on the tank. You're gonna love zipping around in your little yellow bug, for sure!

Karen & Mike said...

Congratulations on your new car - anew vehicle is so exciting! Have you checked Mike's new ride?

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Snow!!!??????'s still 90 degrees here ;)

Two Write Hands said...

Yeah, what Danielle said. I've been griping for days. Where is fall already? :)

Talia said...

Glad you're liking your new car!! Congrats! (And it doesn't look like a rollerskate- don't worry!)