Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I found on the internet in the last few days

Poking about on the internet I came upon these few things that might interest you.

YouVersion an online Bible with a difference in that you can share and collaborate with others. Drawback for me is that it seems to only offer the King James Version but I could be wrong.

LitSum Literature Summaries offers free book summaries and notes that you can find by title or author. Might be interesting.

Jottit an instant web page you can mail. Not sure what I would use it for but is very easy to use.

Open Office free open source Microsoft Office clone. Very good but too large for me to download you can get a free CD, just pay shipping and handling.

E-mail icon generator Yahoo, Gmail and others. Takes a little figuring out how to put it on site.

Add language translation to your site You can remove a language if you wish by editing the code.

Pageflakes Netvibes both alternate start pages to iGoogle and Yahoo, still checking these out.

Hakia Crispy Web Mooter Search Engines, they search slightly differently that Yahoo and Google.

Well that's all the goodies I have found since last time.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Sounds good, gonna check out the Office one.

Jeni said...

I have Open Office - as well as Office 2000 (yeah, too poor to get a new version) on this computer. The guy who set it up for me installed the open office at the shop and I often flip-flop between it and WORD in particular. Works well plus, it was free.
Now a question - where DO you find all these neat things? Maybe the correct question really should be HOW do you find them?
Really some neat tidbits you locate and share here.

Anonymous said...

funny that you mention pageflakes. i stumbled upon it today and fell in love instantly ;-)


CrazyBunnyLady said...

LitSum is neat. Thanks for the link.

Bob Johnson said...

Good finds, thanks for the links.