Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas is coming and there's nowhere to shop

Christmas is just around the corner and I have to get some gifts but I have nowhere to shop. There are only two places around here that are close enough to go shopping, and they take an hour to an hour and a half to get there by car. There are not many stores available for selection either. No big name stores and very few little stores either. I love to browse but there are no opportunities.

My middle son is very involved in marketing via the internet and he told me, some time ago, that this is on its way to being the major method of shopping for most folks in a few years. He told me that in Alberta many new high rises and apartment blocks are being built with this in mind, and have large receiving rooms to hold purchases for people until they are picked up.

I have only purchased a few things online so far, but enjoyed taking my shopping cart around the site and buying a couple of Christmas presents last year. It was so convenient. I think it is something I will start doing more, not only for convenience and gas savings but the selection. I wish more stores would get online so I could do my shopping this way.

It would be great if more stores would get ecommerce software which would make their store available to me. Basically in layman's terms that is shopping cart software. This would give me so much more selection and in winter I would not have to go out on the icy roads, but could shop from home, and as I get older that seems like a great idea.

If I lived in the US and had a small business I would look at Ashop to help me set up my business for ecommerce, as there are so many baby boomers like me, that would find the service really useful. It is really easy to get set up and they offer a 10 day free trial, plus they have full technical support. So get on it I am waiting to shop!

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