Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christmas is coming early at my house

My husband drove down to the village to pick up the mail this morning and brought it home, including the flyers. Normally the flyers get thrown out as soon as they are out of the mail box, as the Post Mistress has a big waste bin right by the boxes for that purpose, but today he brought them back with him.

One of the flyers was for satellite internet service offering $100 off the installation cost and $25 less a month than I had been told before. I called and it is available for my district so I am planning to drive to Smithers on Friday to complete the forms and get things rolling. I am really excited.

We are stretching ourselves a little financially for this, as I haven't actually got the money yet, but I can pay it off by Christmas, so we agreed that I should get it, and while we were at it we might as well pop into Canadian Tire and get the ramp he wanted to put his ATV in his truck, and, oh well, we would both enjoy a camera wouldn't we, and it is for sale after all.

Pop goes the bank account, but we have a little money coming available in December and that should cover it all. After all, the little bit we have put aside we had decided, when we retired, was for us to use as we are not leaving it for the kids, divided five ways it really won't go far, so we might as well get a few things we will enjoy now.

I remember my Grandmother would always put things away for what she called "for best" and when she passed away we found all these things in her home that she never used. So sad that she felt that she was not free to use her best things for her own pleasure.


Imma (Alice) at I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Wow, sounds wonderful to me. I always buy myself something extra nice for Christmas because if I don't, who will? haha. Actually, Mom is always very generous to me.

Speaking of Mom, she was born in Smithers as was I and all my siblings. Mom's brother was too, and lived there until he passed away in Jan. 2004. His widow and 2 of his children still live there. Other of Mom's siblings were also born in Smithers, and their kids too in some cases. I have a cousin living in Hazelton too.

Vic Grace said...

Hi Alice,I haven't had anyone come so close to home on my blog before. Neat.

Cicero Sings said...

My Mom is 93 (basically blind, a little deaf and somewhat short on memory) and every time we visit her she reminds us to do everything we can while we can ... because we are too soon old ... and being old (really old) is for the birds.

I firmly believe in using all the "china" etc or why have it? And isn't every moment "the best" moment? Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.

Enjoy your new purchases!

mrsnesbitt said...

I too had to put back the comments thingy due to spammers, what a pain eh!
Read on David's blog about your new camera...I love my camera and take it everywhere I go. It is a canon powershot A85. I am a complete amateur but enjoy ABC Wednesday. It is P next week!

Mary said...

Last year my husband and I put a beautiful front door on our home. It cost more than anything we've ever purchased for the house, as far as decoration goes. It about broke our budget, but it was a wise investment. We enjoy it and it is something that we both wanted.

Mom is the same. She puts things away and keeps them for years and never uses them. I told her last year, when I bought her a good set of Corelle dishes, that they were meant to be used and I wanted her to use them as everyday dishes. She has them in her cupboard and does use them. She is special and she certainly deserves to enjoy her senior years.

Thanks so much for your comments on my Halloween postcards. I always enjoy your visits.


Misty Dawn said...

I loved this post! I'm thrilled for you that you are getting your satellite! And, I'm jealous you got a new camera hehehe I completely agree that you need to enjoy things now. In fact, I think you've inspired a post for me - I'll give you proper credit for the inspiration.

I've given you an award, and I think it's an extra special one. Come to my blog to pick it up!

Jeni said...

Satellite internet connectivity? We can get satellite tv here but do they all offer internet high speed connections too? I'm really dumb on this stuff, as you can see!
The save it for good thing - my Mom and Grandma were both big on that too! Grandma had a nice set of dishes my oldest uncle had given her in the late 20's or early 30's and the only time they ever saw the table was a special holiday or family dinner when several of my aunts/uncles were home. Mom was all about the saving clothes for good too -only trouble with doing that with kids clothes is if you get to wear something 2, maybe 3 times and boom, you've outgrown it! I guess I am still a little along those lines too though as I have a few things I only use too on "special" occasions.

Dapoppins said...

My Grandma had a lot of the best stashed away too! I think you should be happy and comfortable.

and by all means, you need all that stuff!

Saedel said...

Wow, nice post! I like how you connect your experience to your Grandma. You remind me of an important lesson I live by, which is to "seize the moment."