Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do you love your blog?

Tay over at Super Blogging asks the question "Do you love your blog?".

I really enjoy blogging, I am thrilled when someone takes time to comment, and I like checking out other blogs too and I always try to comment if I can. I try to think of interesting things to share. My blog, in my mind, is somewhere between a Readers Digest and a National Geographic of northern British Columbia, Canada.

I think that most people that spend time on the internet live in cities, and don't have time to see wildlife like I can. I have some type of interaction with a wild animal every day. Last night it was the coyotes singing at the back of the property. This morning it was retrieving the garbage can from rolling down the road, probably because of the same coyotes, but it could be the large black bear that has been hanging around. I hope it is not the grizzly mum and cub that has been sighted by some hunters, quite close to here. I don't have any desire to come close to a grizzly mother and cub. My last bear incident was enough.

Another topic I like to share about are memories, having lived 60 years I have a few that are worthwhile writing about. One of my favourite memories is called Priceless.

Also some tales of my travels. I have been fortunate in having traveled in Europe, Middle East, Australia and North America. I really should write more about those trips.

I have been involved with computers since the 1970's and had taught DOS before there where GUI. I often had to learn a new program the night before I had to teach it the next day. The exciting growth of computers and the new things that there are to learn I am sure has contributed towards keeping the gray matter still relatively alert. I am always eager to check out new programs and tips, and love to share them with others. I also have had the privilege of being able to help others through this blog to master some computer skills. I must admit I am losing the edge because I am not involved in the industry anymore, and some things I can't try because I don't have the equipment.

Do you love your blog?


Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Oh I do love my blog and I love your daughter would love to hear those coyotes in the evening!! I think it would be great to hear more about your travels. Since our 'retirement' I don't like to go anywhere for more than one night.

Saedel said...

Yes, I do love my blog because for some reason, it is me. I consider myself introverted person to some people I don't know yet, so my blog serves as an outlet of my insights. I also believe that when people blog, they share parts of themselves with others: family, friends, loved ones, and cyberpeople who eventually become friends.

Like you, I am also thrilled to receive comments, even if people disagree with my opinion.

Some of the blogs I enjoy reading are those with the following niches: personal development, technology, opinions on ordinary things, sports, teaching, and blog like yours which is insightful and thought-provoking. Having said that, I am happy that I found your site -- I enjoy your topics and your style of writing is easy to read.

Thank you for writing this entry. I'm telling you, in all the blogs I've commented, this is the longest I've made so far. :P


PS. Wow, you're a tech person, too. No wonder, you're enthusiastic about sharing apps! *thumbs-up*

Tay said...

Thanks for the link and mention. :D

It must be so nice to listen to those coyotes. I don't have that where I live.

Anyway, you have a great blog and I'm like you, I love reading and responding to all comments, those who link to me, etc.

It's great to know you love your blog :)

janeywan said...

Yes and time to change my header. The cows have been rounded up for the approaching hunting season.

Snowing here lightly this evening, maybe I'll get a good photo tomorrow morning that I can use.

Jeni said...

Vic, you know - or you should know by now, I love reading your blog. And, as long as I have some kind of an idea for a post, I love to write and post stuff too. I also very much enjoy reading others blogs and wish I could just do nothing each day but read others blogs, learn all kinds of stuff - like the things I learn from reading your posts - and what would really be nice would be if I ever manage to understand more of the tech side of this. Keep on trying to educate me on that will ya?

Aryst said...

Yes I do...I update almost everyday...

Vic Grace said...

It is great that we all love blogging, that means we really try and be interesting rather than just throw something up, doesn't it.

Anna said...

"My blog, in my mind, is somewhere between a Readers Digest and a National Geographic of northern British Columbia, Canada."

I think that about explains it! I really enjoy your blog.

African Boy said...

obviously i love my blog -