Saturday, October 27, 2007

They don't know what they are missing

I have been going through Sponsored Reviews opportunities and selected one about Computer Training. It was right up my alley, after all I have had my own computer classroom, I have trained quite a few people and even now get asked questions on my blog how to do this and that, and have bailed a few people out of computer messes here in the village.

I was rejected. I would have given them a good advertisement, but they did not take time to check. It was only $5 anyway but I thought it would be an easy one to start.

Anyway I will be generous and give them a plug. CBT

It proves doesn't it that we should take the time to read what people have to say on their blogs, because we might miss something that could benefit us.

There are several blogs I read that have observations worth pondering, and I love to check technical blogs, because I am always learning. I find Google Reader a good tool for this as I don't have to visit each and every blog to read their content. However I wish I could comment directly from the Reader, it would save so much time. I am sure I saw a script somewhere about doing just that, but I can't find it again, or it maybe right under my nose and I am missing it.

Google put up my Page Rank to 4 today, so that is good as far as the advertisers go. I wonder how effective it all is really. Alexa is another one that is meant to be so important, but they only really include those, in their totals, who find your blog via their tool bar, so how accurate can that be.

Anyway I have a favor to ask of you. If you like my blog and are a regular visitor and have not included it in your blog roll would you. I will do likewise with yours. I went through those who have visited me recently and put your link on mine, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, let me know. This is a way to improve your ranking, getting links to your blog from another. I find in the social networks like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog one gets bombarded by people wanting links who never visit your blog and have nothing in common with it.

Found Jiglu yesterday, it is a way to tag your blog, but I did not find it worthwhile, but it may work for you.

I have mentioned AirSet before but they have done some updating on their software so it might be worth a look, it is an online personal organizer.

BTW check out this post about my blog by Bong at Reap Money Online

That's all folks


Jeni said...

Good post, Vic. Should be interesting to see how well we fare in this new adventure, huh?

Misty Dawn said...

I was at Sponsored Reviews one day and was surprised to find that there was an opportunity to do a review on a blog to which I was already a regular visitor. So, I thought for sure that this one would be approved, since I was known on that blog already. Nope, I was rejected. I just shook my head and continued blogging ;-)

I too wish there were a way to comment directly from the Google Reader - that would be very convenient.

I see that I finally got a page rank, and I am thrilled about that. Now, I'm waiting to see if it actually improves any of my paid opportunities or not. Congratulations on your 4 ranking. I'm a 3, but I'm thrilled with that.

janeywan said...

Got you covered. Hope my site is loading a little faster for you these days. Been busy with my folks, sometimes feels like I hanging on by a thread.

Bong (JB) said...



We know it's their loss, not caribooponderer's but it takes some time to "break" into pay-per-review. Why not sign-up with ePinion? Might get one from there.

One thing about Pay-Per-Review and advertising people is they usually look for keywords that are related to their products or services because they want to be sure that the right people will get to read or see their review/ads and hopefully buy something.

There's also this common notion that free-hosted blogs aren't "serious" enough, although we know better.

Anna said...

So far I have only had one review accepted at Sponsored Reviews. Some have been outright rejected, and some just expired - meaning the advertiser didn't do anything about it.

Congrats on the #4 page rank. My rank went down from a 3 (the last time I saw it - my toolbar has been reporting n/a for a while) to a 2. I'm not sure how the whole thing works. According to Google, both my blogs are now a 2, though my blogspot blog has more than twice the incoming links than my livejournal blog.

I've had you on my links list for a while. I just wish I had time to visit more. I'm just now starting to use Google Reader to try and keep up. If I find a way to comment directly, I'll be sure to let you know.

Saedel said...

I'd also like to add commenting thru google reader, I guess I have to add script to my feedburner or wordpress.

Re: PageRank, I heard it updated last Oct 27, and since my blog is still too young to be crawled (or at least to have reports), I guess I still I have to wait few more months to get a rank. :(

Oh, by the way, I included you in my blogroll weeks ago. ;)