Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some new internet toys for you

Zoho Web 2 Office Suite includes an online word processor, spreadsheet, data base and reports, planner, wiki, presentation creator, web conferencing, notebook, project manager, customer relations manager, create database apps, chat, mail, plus more. Accessible from anywhere, can be used by multiple users, compatible with existing file formats, share your documents or publish them for public view.

FUN ADVICE is a social question & answer site where you can make friends, share photos and meet people near you.

COLLARITY is a social search engine that combines a variety of different types of functionality to produce results in a new and interesting way. The basic concept is very straightforward, searchers begin to type in their search and as they do a little box pops up suggesting appropriate terms for the search - a little like Google Suggest but rather more sophisticated. There is also a slider bar with three settings for Personal, Community and Global. Clicking on each of these options will provide a slightly different set of suggestions, based on previous searches.

That's it folks


Jeni said...

Boy - the information just keeps on flowing through. I am amazed at all the things you find and can understand them so well too that you can post about them in a clear fashion. Gives me a little renewed hope that maybe someday I can understand some of these things too.

Smalltown RN said...

I was reading your post on the pine beetle...I have been watching the devastation it is causing....I am surrounded by fir and they are going brown....all around my property...I've told my hubby that maybe we should contact Agriculture Canada and find out if they know what is going on....what do you think?