Thursday, October 11, 2007

Teenage antics - what were they?

Ann Clemons at A nice place in the sun asks the question "What is your craziest teenage experience or memory?" My husband tells me I had very tame teenage years, especially when he compares mine with his.

I was in a boarding school until I was 16. In England, at least in the early 1960's there was no such thing as graduation, one just left school, there were no parties or awards, just "Bye, see you around."

The day after I left school my mother and father produced the newspaper at the breakfast table, and they decided on what jobs I should apply for. My mother phoned for an appointment for me and took me to my first job interview. I started work the next week in a typing pool in the city of London, two hours by bus and subway train, there and back each day.

I left home at 6am in the morning to get up to London in time for the start of work at 8:30am and left work at 4pm to get to night school at 6pm and then caught the bus at 8pm because I had to be home by 9pm. I had a 9pm curfew, and one night my bus was late, but that didn't count with my father, I was not allowed out on the weekends for a month.

I was not permitted at any time to go to dances, pubs or coffee shops and he scared off any dates, which were extremely rare, as you can imagine, when did I have time to get one? He used to corner these poor boys in the living room and have a man to man talk! I never did find out what was discussed but I rarely got a second date. All my father cryptically commented was "I know what I was like at that age!"

So I don't have anything exciting to relate at least nothing I can remember.

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Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Viv Grace, What a thoughtful way to respond to my Tuesday's Question.
Thank you. I wonder what your father said to them? Laugh. Very interesting and well written post I really enjoyed it~ Have a nice day today!


Two Write Hands said...

MY father always stole a great Bill Cosby line--"How ugly is he?"

Jeni said...

Your teen years sound a bit like mine except no one but me was chasing the potential dates away! I wasn't exactly the social butterfly then - and 63 years later, I'm still not one. Some things never do change ya know!

Anna said...

My teenage years were pretty tame, too. I can't remember ever doing anything! Ok, there were a few dates.

I'm giving you an award! Come on over and get it.