Friday, November 23, 2007

Couple of internet finds you might find interesting

Not much going on here today so I had time to browse, here are a couple of internet finds that might interest you. I am quoting their blurbs.

All across the Web, others online are reading, blogging, searching, and shopping for the same sort of stuff you are. Others Online introduces you to the people whose paths serendipitously cross with yours. Discover people … Promote yourself …as you browse the Web to people with specific interests. See what you have in common. View their personal Web site. Connect instantly (IM or email). Control whether/how you're shown to others too. Increase traffic to your blog. Keep "score" with reports, and influence your rank. No effort required. Our tools optimize your profile automatically and give you 100% control.

MyCorkboard A free interactive screen saver with a difference. Personalize your desktop with the award-winning MyCorkboard ScreenSaver. Pick from hundreds of drag-and-drop items to create your own personal design. Add clocks, photos, calendars, sticky notes, to do lists, etc.


Saedel said...

Nice find.

I also discovered another online community where bloggers can promote their posts... it's called: It's new, and so far I'm liking it.

Jeni said...

Hmmm - both sound pretty cool. Will have to check them out!

Jordan Mitchell said...

Hi, Jordan from Others Online here. Thank you so much for the mention. We haven't spent much time promoting our service, so we're very appreciative when people take notice and write about us.

I hope you've signed up and are having a good experience so far! BTW, did you know you can add any sort of keywords to the widget, and it will show the people with the most affinity to those keywords?

We're from Seattle, and I love British Columbia. I've never been that far up north there, but I would love to spend a month exploring the whole province -- hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, camping, etc!

Have a wonderful day.

Judith said...

Yes, chorizo is really fatty. So that just makes soyrizo that much more appealing. It takes away the bad part and keeps the good.

Bong (JB) said...


Neat find, OthersOnline. Weĺl try it. Thanks.