Saturday, November 24, 2007

I can't think of anything to blog about I need inspiration

Having blog block right now but I like to try and blog each day so I have taken a few pictures to talk about.

Yesterday I mentioned MyCorkboard which is quite fun and I like it better than a regular screensaver so I have been playing with it today, between doing my walking, I have done nearly 9,000 steps today, my pedometer tells me. Here is a picture of what I have done so far on MyCorkboard.

I have added pictures of my three sons and grandson. The one on the top right is my eldest and he is the cartoonist. The little picture beside him is with his son. The bottom right is my middle son, the business man, he currently is working on developing his own online business and works for an insurance company to pay the rent. The one on the left is the youngest, he is learning different trades, currently a dry waller. He was going into 3D animation but did not want to incur the university debt so is doing that on his own, as a hobby, he is quite good at it my eldest son says. We are desperate for trades people in Canada so he will never be short of work.

You can add sticky notes to your cork board and even print them off. A variety of clocks and other knick knacks, even a timer that tells you it is time to take a break. I have added a bunch more things since I took the picture. You can set it to start going fuzzy and breaking up after so many minutes or it can switch to a screen saver you have on your computer. I think it is quite good. They have lots of stuff to download to play with.

Here is a picture of the solarium now finished, or at least just a few little bits to be done next summer. Hubby has been fly tying in there and doing a jig saw as well so it is getting used. I kept a petunia going to just the other day to see how long I could keep flowers in there. As long as they don't get frost on them they seem to go a long time, even though we only heat the room when we want to use it. We open the sliding door for a while and it really doesn't take that long for it to warm up and we have a kerosene heater also to give it a boost.
The roof is clear but we had a dump of snow again last night so it is covered now, but we still get a lot of light in there which is really important right now as it is quite dark here all day. We have the electric light on until about 10am and then it goes on again about 3pm because we are in the north we have very short days. I am looking forward to when the days draw out again. The black bears are all asleep now, although the grizzly are still about we haven't seen it. Our friend saw cougar prints when he was out walking Annie the dog while he was looking after her. It spooked him, he said, so he came home again. Soon the moose will be all over the place because we are one of their major wintering areas and they like to come into the village to escape the wolves. At least they think they are going to do that, but last year a moose was killed by a pack of wolves right at the end of the driveway. Blood and hair was everywhere.

My timer from MyCorkboard has just come on telling me it is time to take a break. I have a salmon baking in the oven so I guess I should go and look at it.


Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

I would ask if that Salmon was fresh from your husband's fishing...but with all that snow...probably not ;) Some days I long to be up there with short days and it being so cold you just stay inside...however, I wouldn't last more than one day. What you call a solarium we call a 'lanai'...I think ;)

Mousie/Paisible said...

that solarium looks so cozy...and the snow sure you need is it when you have plenty !!!!
have a nice sunday dear

Misty Dawn said...

I was considering downloading that cork board when you talked about it in your other post. Now, you've convinced me! It sounds really neat.

Love your solarium. I would love to see the wildlife that you see! Instead, I settle for reading your stories and living through you ;-)

Anna said...

MyCorkboard looks very interesting.

I also like the looks of your solarium.

Mother Earthbeats said...

I love your solarium!

Nice blog..



Talia said...

So strange to see snow in your picture!! Not use to that here...