Thursday, November 08, 2007

I need lessons in photography

Yesterday, we went into a store that sold cameras and there was a sale so we bought a digital camera. It is a beginner camera because we are not sure how much we will use it. We chose a Sony dsc s700 if that means anything to you. It has a zoom and does all sorts of refinements and the price was right.

I have almost no knowledge of photography so went to the library today to see if I could find a book about it. A dummies book would have been great but they had nothing. I am not interested in taking snaps of family and friends, although I suppose I will do some of that, but I would like to learn how to take some interesting photographs especially of the wildlife around here. As my hubby says if we really get into it then we can get a much better camera that zooms closer etc.

I like black and white but I don't think I can take black and white pictures, or at least have not figured out how to do it yet, but I can change colour into black and white on the computer. So I have a new hobby, now I have to get out and use it.


Shelby said...

I took photos today... I'm a beginner very much.. but want to do better. Good luck to us both!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh man, now I have something else to talk about in that e-mail I'm going to send you. You keep talking, and you'll end up getting a book-long email from me! I've got some digital photography book suggestions for you, which I think you will absolutely love.

Cicero Sings said...

Congrats on your new camera! The wonder of digital cameras is ... you can have your picture in color and you can have it in black and white too! Hope you have fun with it. I don't suppose your little community has a photography club? Cuz if they do, the old hands would probably LOVE to share their knowledge. I took a little course years ago and walked off with two of the three prizes ... that was in the old film days on a borrowed camera because I didn't have the needed SLR. Learned a LOT of good tips. I find it so much easier to learn by seeing rather than reading!

Anna said...

You might consider taking an online course. My mom recently took a photography class at Sony 101 or HP Learning Center - one of those free ones. She said it was really good. I took one called "What do all these camera buttons do?" That was really helpful. Did I mention free?

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Way to go... most of what you need to do to learn is just go out and do it. With a digital you can do that. I started with a 'film' camera and always was afraid to take too many pics because it was so expensive to develop them, and to buy new film. With digital you can take hundreds... then if you don't like them you just delete. You get to learn a lot that way. There are also things you can learn from books, so maybe order some off the internet, or look for some when visiting your sons in Calgary. Maybe even tell them that's what you'd like for Christmas this year, if your family does that. Also, read a lot of info that is on the net, rather than buying books.

I love my digital camera, and the zoom on it. My favorite things to photograph are animals and scenery, and I've been able to get some very nice shots of deer with this camera.

Enjoy your new camera... go out and 'play'.

Dottie said...

I have a passion for photography and since getting my camera in May of this year have taken all kinds of pictures of so many things just trying to get use to it and all its features. I'm still learning. I think the free online courses are a good idea.