Sunday, November 04, 2007

Its dark in here

Last night the clocks went back an hour and since we live in the north of British Columbia I find that my living room is already dark at 3:45 pm. The floor lamps we have are not doing the job. We moved the floor lamps, that had been in the living room, to the solarium which my husband built this summer, partly because we don’t like them that much and they are hidden from our view when we sit in the living room. I don’t know why we bought them in the first place, they really don’t go with our color scheme, but there isn’t much selection in the stores up here and we needed lamps, so we bought the first set we saw. It was a bad choice. I think my husband dislikes them more than I do, and in summer all the bugs die in the shades and you can see them through the glass, you get the picture, not desirable lamps. Plus our rooms are all in gold, rust and yellow and these things are silver. What were we thinking?

So they are in the solarium but in the meantime we took a table lamp from the spare bedroom to use in the living room. It goes with the furniture and is not a bad lamp to look at but it does not give enough light for reading, at least I don’t think so. I spend my evenings trying to adjust my book so I can catch the light, it is quite frustrating, although just to be contrary, I am sure, my husband likes it there, but then he gets all the light.

So I am on the look out for a new set of lamps and lamp shades for the living room and something that will look good in the solarium and we will probably donate the others to the Goodwill. I am going to have a look online to see if I can find a set we both will like, as I am sure I can’t find anything in our neck of the woods.


Cicero Sings said...

They are expensive but how about one of those "daylight" lights ... very beneficial for the winter months (re sadd) but give good light too.

Jeni said...

We have a ceiling light in the living room - with the fan attached to it - a four bulb contraption -which does spread a good bit of light across the room, but I do like a good lamp to have nearby when I read as my eyes function a whole lot better with lots of light. I took our floor lamp out to my room, have it by my sewing machine to cast better light for me there when I do get around to sewing stuff -once in a blue moon, ya know!
Good luck in your search for lamps though - I hate shopping for any kind of furnishings as I never seem to know what will blend and contrast and also, provide efficiency in the process.

ChrisJ said...

I have three of those "daylight " lights -- one per room . What a diffeence they make to reading. I have a developing cataract on one eye, had another removed, and had almost given up reading. Devastating! They are really worth the investment.