Saturday, November 10, 2007

Single Mom Struggles

When I was newly separated, with three teenagers at home and a husband who had left the country and was not helping support us, I could sure have used a helping hand. I had a job although it did not pay that well, but we were scraping by.

My car which I needed to get to work, as there was no bus service in our area, broke down and had been towed to the local garage, but there was no extra cash before payday so it had to sit there until I could afford to pay for it to be fixed. I was in a dilemma, how to get to work and earn the money I needed to fix the car. I have never believed in thumbing for a lift and I wasn't going to start.

Fortunately I had good friends with an extra vehicle, who loaned it to me until the end of the month even though, I know, this was a great inconvenience to them. If there had been a company like Payday Loans I could have had the work done right away and not bothered my friends.


Gene Bach said...

It's always nice to have folks around who are willing to help. That's one of the things I like about this town so much.

Karen & Mike said...

Payday Loans and other such companies have caused havoc and heartbreak for many people scraping to get by, being a slippery slope for getting further and further into debt. Their enormous interest rates and penalties are almost criminal. As a manager in a large care facility, I saw several single moms' wages garnisheed by these loan companies. Lucky you to have such compassionate friends.

Saedel said...

This comment is slightly off, because it is about my old Honda. It's temperamental: sometimes it doesn't start right away. One nun at the school I work at said I'm very brave to drive it. She also said she keeps praying for me and my car. That's how temperamental it is, it needed divine intervention.

Magdalen Islands said...

Friends always want to do what they can to help out. That is why we call them friends, but I know what your saying also.
Gimme A dream from others on line.