Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That was a close shave

My stepdaughter recently had her hair completely shaved off in a drive to collect money for cancer. She had long, dark, shiny hair so I imagine it was a sacrifice but she felt it was well worth it. I think it was very brave of her, as she is a teacher and probably will have to put up with a lot of teasing from her students.

I hope they used one of the Braun Shavers, so the scalping went smoothly and she had no nicks. My husband will be seeing her this weekend and she says she has a stubble all over her head so I expect he will get some pictures. It was a good cause though.


thailandchani said...

I did that, too, six or seven years ago. It was a really good feeling to support cancer patients that way.

My hair grew back much softer.. and almost totally grey. :)

Jeni said...

Ah - that post brought up a memory for me - will have to blog about it! My son and his shaved head!
And you're darned straight I will miss not having you at my beck and call while you are off visiting too!

Magdalen Islands said...

She is incredibly brave and considerate also.
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