Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're back from Vancouver

We left late Wednesday evening because the local news said that there was a snow storm on its way. We thought if we got socked in with snow we would not go at all, so we threw our stuff together, dropped Annie the dog off with our friend and got out to the highway as soon as we could. It was very black behind us as we drove south out of the village. We beat the storm until we were about an hour out of Prince George and then the blizzard hit. We arrived safely at a motel and waited it out overnight, wondering if we would have to turn back, but in the morning we found that although there had been quite a bit of snow, the plows had been busy all night and the road south was clear so we set off towards Vancouver.

We got into Vancouver late, it was pouring with rain and I had forgotten how much traffic there is in the city. It was confusing for us country people, all the lights reflecting in the downpour and hundreds of vehicles flitting in and out of traffic. I am planning to do the trip alone next year, I am having second thoughts already. We found a hotel and in the morning my husband went for the ferry to Vancouver Island and I made my way by taxi cab to stay with my son for the weekend. This is a shot from the ferry which my husband took, as you can see it is pretty gray.

I had a lovely visit with my little grandson, he recognized me this time and wanted me to read him his bedtime stories and help play with his truck. This was great because he only sees me once a year for a couple of days and his other Grandma sees him all the time. My son and I also spent some good time together, he is publishing his first comic book this Christmas so I was eager to see his work. He is a professional storyboard artist but he has always wanted to create his own comic books and although this is currently a hobby he hopes to develop it as a second career.

My husband and I connected on the Sunday evening and went out with some friends for dinner. One of the best Chinese meals I have ever had.

This shot was taken as we left Vancouver early Monday morning. The rain had finally stopped and we could see the mountains, which had been hidden behind clouds for days.

We drove for 12 hours. The day was dry although the mountain passes were foggy. We had some clear skies as we entered the semi-desert area of the Thompson River and we made good time on the road arriving in Prince George at 7pm.

I did take lots of shots but when I checked them now they really are not worth showing. The skies were pretty grey and heavy for the whole trip, in fact most of the week so I did not get very many pictures. I took what I could from the moving vehicle but I definitely have a lot to learn in the photography department. Luckily with a digital camera one can delete them.


Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

The photos that you posted are absolutely stunning. It is always difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that people do not live with 99.9% heat and humidity just about year round like we do ;)

BTW...I mailed the book out yesterday! Happy Reading! I am going to read my copy this weekend.

Aryst said...

Welcome back those pics...

Jeni said...

Welcome Home! I was about to start to get worried cause I expected you back Monday -not Wednesday! LOL See -people many miles away from you worry about your whereabouts. Glad you had such a good vacation with your grandson and give your son a big "Congratulations" from me on his comic book venture. You shared some of his work about a year ago now and I remember he is very, very talented. Would be wonderful for him if he can work it into a good paying venture. BTW - the pictures you posted here are beautiful!

Vic Grace said...

It is nice to be back. Thanks for all the love.

Saedel said...

Welcome back Vic!

Just dropping by to say Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!


PS. Wow, your son is talented! Tell him Congratulations, even though he doesnt know me. :P

Cicero Sings said...

I'm glad to hear you made it safely home! I took two oat cakes out on Monday morning ... just in case you were able to stop by. But I know how it is when one is homeward bound ... I'm always anxious to get home!

Those oat cakes are still sitting there by the way, enticing me ... but we are very faithful to our cleanse! One more day and we will be through the actual cleanse part but we want to carry on with the diet until we go to the coast next in December. I'm down 5 lbs but would rather be down 10!

Traffic at the coast IS horrendous. D does all the driving when we are down there. I'm out of practice!

Glad you had a nice time with your son and grandson! Your son sounds quite talented.

TTFN ... Ciceroo from the South Cariboo!

Magdalen Islands said...

My, what a beautiful country we live in!
Gimme A Dream for Others on line.

Misty Dawn said...

Sorry I'm so late getting over here to tell you welcome home! Missed ya bunches! While you were gone, I've given you some awards - they are in the "I'm Thankful for You..." post.

Mary said...

What wonderful photos. I have never been to Vancouver, but have visited the BC interior. I think if I ever had a choice of a place to retire that would be it. However, I stick to Ontario because my family is here.

Glad you are safely home.