Sunday, November 04, 2007

Winter is definitely here

I got up early this morning, probably because the clocks went back last night and I find it difficult to lie in bed once I am awake. It was so pretty outside, the sky was apricot, gold and pink, tinging the new snow with the same colors. I always love the first onset of winter but then I rarely have to deal with the work end of it.

My husband spent some of the day laying in the carport at -5C trying to get his blade on the ATV. He had taken the pins out of it in spring and he realized today that had been the wrong thing to do. After trying to put the pins back in for at least a couple of hours, rushing in to get warm by the wood stove, he finally fixed it and got to the serious business of moving the 4 inches or about 9 cm of fresh snow from our driveway. I have been in Canada nearly forty years and I still think in feet and inches and have to get my tape measure to figure out the centimeters.

He wanted to do some painting in the solarium after he had moved the snow, so I had the wood stove in the extension really hot and the solarium temperature got up to 20C, and it was lovely to be in there with the sun shining and the blue sky above. I put a smoked ham in a pot to boil on the wood stove top and that will be dinner tonight.

So now it is not quite 5pm and it is already quite dark but we can see the gleam of the snow outside and it feels cozy in here. The TV is on a National Geographic program about wolves, and hubby is starting to doze in his chair, he deserves a nap. I have a mirror on my computer desk that reflects the TV, so I watch that while I mess about on my computer. He can't understand that, he puts his all into any job he undertakes, I usually am doing three or four things at once. Guess men and women are wired differently after all.


Mary said...

Vic Grace,

The weatherman was calling for snow for us for today, but it bypassed us. It was too warm for snow. However, I'm expecting it at any time. Last November we had a big snowfall, then nothing more until January, and not much snow all winter. The snowfall in November was the second largest for the entire winter.

Your fire sounds cozy and warm. We want to get a natural gas stove for the living room. They are nice if the electricity goes off.

I would love to see a photo of your snow. I enjoyed my visit.


Jeni said...

With respect to your closing comments about how your husband concentrates on one thing while you usually have 3 or 4 going at the same time - to think many believe women can't "multi-task" Huh? I never thought of putting up a mirror above my computer screen to keep an eye on the tv -my back is to the tv which is on almost constantly.
Much as I DON'T want to think about winter, snow, ice all that stuff, reading your post about the first snowfall, thinking about the weather predictions for the coming week which includes possible snowfall, it almost has me looking forward to that. Ok, ok, I do kind of like the first snowfall -it's all the ones that tend to follow it I don't appreciate!

Bong (JB) said...

That viewing the TV while messing with the PC stuff is called... multi-tasking. And women can seriously do multi-tasking, much better than men, juggling family, motherhood, and career.:D

The Insane Writer said...

I think it is a woman thing to be able to do more than one thing at Thank you for your comment on my blog. The hubby is fine. He went on a hike to vent anger from work.

Minnesotablue said...

I truely think women multitask better than men .I don't mean to sound sexist but we have had to learn that through the years while raising families, working, juggling schedules for everyone, etc
We are just now, within the last hour getting our first flakes of snow. Aahh, winter in Minnesota!

Karen & Mike said...

Winter is flirting with us here. We've been down to -10, but for the most part we're just above zero for most of the day. We've got a bit of snow in areas that don't get any direct sunlight, but mostly it's melting the day after it arrives.

Good idea with the mirror, you need something to do while waiting for those web pages to load! :P