Thursday, December 06, 2007

Awards recently received

I received and e-mail from Jeni at Down River Drivel today telling me I had some awards to pick up at her site. I am quoting Jeni in the following text.

These awards all came to me by way of NOLADawn -that lovely school teacher down New Orleans way and if you check her site, she has an explanation about each award, where it originated, etc. Good way to learn about some more bloggers that way, don't 'cha know?"

This award was from Mary's Writing Nook

Christmas Spirit Award


I have started a list here of those who have visited me or who I regularly read. If you want to see your blog readership add this list to the bottom of a post on your blog and type your blog name plus the dash then add the link to you blog. (Putting the dash after your name just helps keep the code simple for the next person.) Explain what you are doing to your readers and invite them to do the same.

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Jeni said...

Thanks Vic for picking up there were I slacked off. I normally put all the url's to my fav's in too -like you did - but frankly, when I did that post last night, I was just pressed for time, majorly. So I really appreciate your doing that.
Did you get my note too about the Lions Roar award?

Mary said...

Vic Grace,

What beautiful awards! You are very deserving of all of them.

This idea is terrific. Thanks so much for sharing.


Misty Dawn said...

You are amazing, my friend!

Vic Grace said...

test comment