Thursday, January 17, 2008

I worry about giving my credit card number out

I probably would use the internet more to purchase items, but I am always a bit worried about giving my credit card number out online. I also am a bit concerned about the identity theft that is happening everywhere and if I should even continue using my credit cards.

More and more companies are accepting credit cards on their websites and it is certainly a time saver to shop online and have your purchases delivered to the door.

I have had one occasion where someone bought airline tickets on my card, how they got my number I have no idea. Fortunately I did not have to pay for them as the credit card company did. The other time, we got a call from the police saying someone has been picked up and they had our credit card number on them. We had never given it to them.

I hope the internet credit card processor on the sites where I use my credit cards are staying on top of the latest resources for the protection of their customers. If businesses chose a reputable company to set up their credit card processing I expect these crimes would decrease. I prefer using my credit card as it is not safe either to be carrying large amounts of cash around.

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shannon said...

i was just doing a search on "airline credit card processing fraud" because the same thing happened to me. you would think with all the security standards and restrictions on pretty much EVERYTHING with the airline industry today that my credit card would be secure with them. but apparently not!!