Monday, April 21, 2008

Catch 22

Having gone through a divorce and lost my credit in the process I found it difficult when I needed to purchase another vehicle to get credit. On top of everything else my ancient car had been stolen and destroyed and I could not get to my job unless I had a car. It seemed everywhere I turned I could not get the help I needed to pull myself up out of the hole I was in. I had a job but I would not be able to keep it if I did not get a vehicle soon. I was borrowing a friends vehicle in the meantime but they would need it back soon. Without credit I could not get a car and I needed to work to build up my credit. Catch 22.

200811654625 It would have been great if I had had the opportunity to have assistance in getting myself back on track and get bad credit loans to help me reverse my situation by rebuilding my credit and getting my finances back in order.

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