Monday, April 21, 2008

Considering the big move

We have been thinking in a whole new direction these last couple of days. As some of you know I have been whining about the long cold winters here in the Northern Cariboo. For example today is 6C or almost 43F today and although the sun is shining the wind is bitterly cold. However it is lovely and warm in my solarium and I have lots of little plants happily sunning themselves.

The new direction is 'Lets move to Mexico', we are seriously considering it. We were thinking of just going down for a few weeks each winter but now we are looking at that again. We had our friend S. over for supper last night and he brought it up. He pointed out that we could live on our pensions very well in Mexico. The cost of travelling from Canada to Mexico and back would cover several months rent. There would be no propane to pay for, no wood to haul, our hydro would probably be less, although I would need air conditioning. Food costs are lower and gas is half what we pay in Canada. Plus no snow to move and ice to chip. Lots of people do it but it had never crossed our minds before. I am quite excited about the prospect I am ready to get in my little yellow car and drive down right now, but of course we can't.

So now I have to research everything there is to know about Canadians living in Mexico. We will be going down next February for six weeks and have a good look around. If it seems good we could very well come back and put this place up for sale and move down by Fall.

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