Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love reading about gadgets

Today I came across a blog which covers a lot of areas but says in its logo that it is about Technology News and gives a great deal of tips and tricks to its readers.

One of the topics is mobiles which is currently of great interest to me as I have been thinking of getting a mobile phone for a long time but have yet to make the plunge. I want it for when I drive for any great distance, which I plan to do this coming summer.

There is such a wealth of information about every type and style of mobile phone that it is a veritable directory. I will be spending some time there checking them out and I expect it will help me make my selection amongst all the  mobiles that are out there.

There are other posts too that are interesting about various software and hardware plus lots of helps and tips.  Worth checking out.


Vic Grace said...

Trying to get comments in reader and filter on gmail

Vic Grace said...

OK google fixed not send to reader