Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An interesting site from the US

Many Canadians with inquiring minds want to know of what is happening down in the United States on the political front, but  don't want to wade through reams of information. I came across a blog the other day which comments about current events in the States, among other things which I found quite informative.

It is interesting times right now in the United States. I like to watch the news about the election wars between Obama and Clinton. We may see the first black man or white woman president, which would be a real breakthrough in American politics, although I expect McCain who represents the other side has an equal chance of becoming President.

One of the other items I read was about the iPhone being released in India and the technological breakthroughs happening over there. There are links to interesting articles that I would not have found on my own, covering posts from the abuse of power to food rationing to the North American Union. This blog is worth a look some of the articles may certainly interest you.

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Danielle Says Hello said...

As soon as time allows this is on our list of 'curriculum' studies....but we are working our way through the previous presidents first - I am OCD that way ;)