Monday, April 28, 2008

Lupus is a mysterious disease

Dancing with Butterflies struck me as an unusual name for a blog but I soon found out why. The writer, a woman from the Philippines has been diagnosed with Lupus and it is associated with a red or pink rash in the shape of a butterfly on the face. Not a lot is know about Lupus, an auto-immune disease. It can be debilitating and unpredictable. Lupus is mainly found among women and can attack at any age. Lupus can be worsened by exposure to sunlight and it can cause the disease to flare up into a major attack.

The blog writer, Emmyrose, is an engineer, a writer and a born-again Christian. Her faith is enabling her to cope with her situation and she feels she is learning to trust God more each day. She says she is learning to adjust to a lot of stuff and has dealt with depression in the past.

A beautifully presented blog, stop by sometime.

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