Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memory of a difficult time

With the economy changing and the unfortunate loss of jobs people can often find themselves with bad credit because of circumstances out of their control. We are inundated with offers by telephone marketers and junk mail so it is hard to decided where to go for solid advice about how to get back on track financially. I have made some bad financial choices in the past because I did not have the help I needed to make the right decisions and because there wasn't any single source of advice to assist me.

I remember losing my job because the hotel I was working at went bankrupt, and I arrived at work one morning to find I was shut out of my office, just like that. Being a single Mother of three teenage boys I had never been able to get ahead of myself financially and we lived from paycheck to paycheck. All of a sudden I had to deal with our credit union about the mortgage and other debts, and although they were not  big debts they became gargantuan in my mind because I did not know how to deal with the problem and my creditors wanted a quick solution.

Eventually I was able to rebuild my credit and get out of debt but it took me a long time and a lot of worry and my boys actually went without quite a few necessary things in the meantime. It would have been easier if there had been somewhere to get  credit and debt help and perhaps a small personal loan to tide me over until I found work again.

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