Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick trip to Europe

Last time we visited Europe it was to see our families and to do a little touring.

After seeing my folks near Canterbury we stopped overnight in London, where we walked up Pall Mall and stopped to see the Changing of the Guards at 'Buck House' as we Brits call it. and then on to see his sister in Manchester . While there my husband couldn't believe the changes that had happened since his youth. He said there was so much more to do than when he was younger and we went out with his sister and her husband for a fun evening on the town.

After the family duties were done we decided to take a flying visit to Paris and to pop over to Amersterdam to visit cousins, take in some night life and other attractions. We ate in lovely restaurants and took in a couple of shows which was very different for us as coming from a quiet little village in Canada we had never seen anything like it.

It was a quick visit but it was fun and we would go again and I think stay a little longer next time.

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