Monday, April 21, 2008

Shopaholic in the making

  I miss shopping at a mall as we don't have any here for literally miles but I came across a shopping wiki today that looks fascinating and could make me a shopaholic in a very short time and it is so useful. You can find just about anything that is available for sale there.

Just type in your search, I tried Laptop Computer as I will be looking for one soon to take to Mexico with me. My search revealed several pages of options, also one can narrow their search to the price range they are prepared to pay and then your brand and so on until you find something you want to buy and then visit the store online.

Another thing that I will be looking for is a good pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes while in Mexico. Also they have a really good clothes section where you can even find clothes in special sizes which is really useful as specialty stores just don't exist where I live. I can see myself doing a lot of shopping here, I expect some of those companies will ship to Mexico which will be really handy when we move down there.

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