Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Symptoms of heart disease in women

Studies have shown that young women with heart disease are twice as likely to die in the hospital as young men. Not much is known about the care of young women with heart disease, most do not realize they have a heart problem at all.

Many women think they are having indigestion. Only four in ten women who go into a hospital think something is wrong with their hearts.

The women also reported other less typical symptoms:
58 percent said they had pain in the jaw or shoulder
38 percent reported sweating
29 percent experienced nausea
29 percent reported shortness of breath
21 percent said they had indigestion or heartburn
8 percent felt weakness or fatigue

Only about half of women go to an emergency room within the first hour of their symptoms. Most women attribute their symptoms to something else.

Learn what the symptoms are and go, rather make a little mistake than a fatal one.

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