Thursday, April 24, 2008

There are some great blogs from the Phillipines

PINOYWORLD's headline shouts that it is 'the ultimate blog of what every Filipino should know' and that is probably true, but it is not just for those from the Phillipines, as there are some interesting articles about many things that will interest others from around the world.

One of the most recent articles is about purchasing a mobile phone, something I have been thinking of doing for quite some time but not sure of what I want and do I need to spend a lot or will an inexpensive one meet my needs, so that article is useful to me in Canada. Also there are posts on health issues which I always find of interest.

Perhaps you are considering working in the Phillipines, then here is a great place to start looking, or maybe you are interested in making money on the internet. I have two online friends, both from the Phillipines, who have given me lots of tips, so they really know their stuff.

Go check out PINOYWORLD you may find something that interests you too.

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