Friday, April 25, 2008

This is a hold up

It was a lovely day today so we drove to Smithers to do some shopping and visit the really great health food store they have there. I am trying to incorporate more grains into our diet so I wanted to check out what they had that was different. The snow has gone down a lot in the last week but it will still be several weeks before it is entirely gone but in Smithers it was already mostly gone.

As we left the village we were held up for quite a while by a mother moose and two young. She plodded in front of the vehicle for approximately 4km or just under 3 miles, not letting us pass. Every time we edged forward she moved in front of us. She was getting very worried about us getting too close to her young, so we had to back off and slowly follow her until she finally decided to get off the road.

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